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"Yes, I got my pictures and the quality of the photos is perfect. Thank you so much." 

22 May 2024  |  Wayne R.

"Good day. I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for the fantastic pictures your organisation took for the Standard Bank race. I am very grateful. May God bless you all abundantly!"

19 May 2024  |  Edward P.

"Photos came out well, thanks. Good quality in my opinion." 

17 May 2024  |  Nzuzo G.

"Thanks, well received. I’m happy with the photos" 

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3 May 2024  |  Carlos M.

"I did, thank you! No complains cause I chose the lowest quality but it wasn't bad. Next time I'll take a better one. Thanks anyway." 

5 Apr 2024  |  Theo D.

"I did, thank you, . As always, I’m impressed by your service, and the photo quality is great. As is your kind pricing. Speaking to my training partner the other day, we so wish you guys could do the photos on Comrades. Keep up your great service!" 

15 Mar 2024  |  Zibusiso M.  | 

"Thanks for checking up on me, . Yes I received everything in time and in order. Thank you so much" 

15 Mar 2024  |  Noma T.  | 

"Thank you for the follow-up. On my side everything went well. I have managed to download all of them with no fail. Thank you, much appreciated." 

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26 Jan 2024  |  Alize L.


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"I have been using your services for years and i should say that your services are great. Thank you for past services and i look forward to future services. Wishing you a merry Christmas and prosperous new year." 

22 Dec 2023  |  Rajkumarie N.  | 

"As always smacpix captures every moment beautifully. I have absolutely no issues Thank you" 

15 Dec 2023  |  John L.  | 

"The friendliest photographers who capture you at your best (or worst). Always look forward to seeing our struggles as captured by your teams. " 

8 Dec 2023  |  Sammy S.  | 

"We are happy with the quality of the pictures we downloaded,thank you so much. Keep up the good work." 

8 Dec 2023  |  Theo S.  | 

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25 Nov 2023  |  Kaleem K.  | 

"Thanks alot for reaching out. I am perfectly satisfied with the poctures results and downloading service. God bless you You people are the best" 

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"Perfect thanks" 

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"Your platform was so easy to use and photos were of high quality, thank you very much." 

3 Nov 2023  |  Ankya V.  | 

"I am super satisfied with the quality of the photos, as well as the quick online ordering process. I also love the fact that we didn't have just 1 or 2 photo's which was taken of me and my hubby, but 10+ altogether which we could have chosen from." 

27 Oct 2023  |  Ayanda F.  | 

"I received my high quality photos. Your service is excellent!" 

27 Oct 2023  |  Pieter K.  | 

"I'm very impressed with both the quality of the photos from SMacPix and the seamless service provided. It truly was a hassle-free experience. Thank you for your dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction." 

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15 Oct 2023  |  Bongani K.

"Hi , Thank you for reaching out. I did receive the photos in good condition. I am happy and I think you guys are doing a fantastic job. I have never been disappointed by you. The disappointment always comes with your competition in other races, so you can actually pat yourselves on the back. You do stellar work. Thank you always!" 

15 Oct 2023  |  Fabian H.  | 

"Thank you for the follow up. Yes I have received my photos. I was happy with the quality. Downloading was easy. Thanks." 

13 Oct 2023  |  Fridah M.  | 

"Hi Yes I received my photos and I am satisfied with them because they are so good. Thank you so much. " 

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"Yes, I did receive them, they are so beautiful and clear. Thank you for the best service." 

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"You are doing some good work. no complaints." 

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"I want to compliment you on the smooth, efficient, cost-effective process of receiving the photos. A few hours after my race, I am able to choose, pay for, and download my pics." 

1 Sep 2023  |  Judy J.  | 

"Many thanks for your email. I have downloaded my photos and am happy with the quality of them. I was so pleased and impressed that you guys actually catered for the late entrants. I am greatly appreciative of the initiative. Many thanks again." 

1 Sep 2023  |  Edward M.  | 

"Photos well received thank you and quality acceptable I can recommend your service" 

25 Aug 2023  |  Seun S.  | 

"I’m 100% satisfied with the quality of the photos and easy process to order and download the order." 

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"All is well on my side and the downloads went well. Thank you. I just wish that Comrades Marathon Association could commission your stellar services." 

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"I should be the one saying thank you guys for such wonderful effort you put on to make sure that we get such beautiful pictures. Thank you Team SmacPix!!!!" 

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"The digital photos were received and I appreciated the quick turnaround in getting me access again to download after the first one had expired. Quality and service is highly satisfactory and am impressed as a customer." 

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"The photo quality is very good and response from loading the photos and when ordered, delivery in my inbox, is very quick. Thank you!" 

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"Hi . Thanksgiving for checking out. I'm super excited, you guys are doing a wonderful job. I have downloaded my pictures and they look great. They're of good quality." 

30 Apr 2023  |  Ntobeko S.  | 

"Thank you so much really loved them!" 

14 Apr 2023  |  Annelize M.  | 

"Thank you very much. I managed to download the photos. And I love them. Thank you for the service you render so we can have memories of the special day." 

14 Apr 2023  |  Megan L.  | 

"Everything is perfect thanks" 

31 Mar 2023  |  Adam L.  | 

"Hi , both my wife and I were impressed with the quality of the pictures. The turnaround time in getting access to the pictures also exceeded our expectations. Keep up the good work."

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"The pictures quality is so awesome thanx." 

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"Gosh you're unbelievably quick & efficient. Thank you :)" 

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"Thanks once again guys. Nice, clear camera shots, reasonable prices and great efficiency." 

3 Mar 2023  |  Natasha N.  | 

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"The photos are wonderful and I am very impressed. Would certainly use the service again for future race" 

3 Feb 2023  |  Tiaan N.  | 

"I have received my photos and I am always impressed at how they come out, maybe not the way I look in them. Thank you for providing me the best pictures of my runs." 

27 Jan 2023  |  Laurel O.  | 

"Thanks so much, I downloaded them easily and they are fantastic!" 

20 Jan 2023  |  Antoinette D.  | 

"Over the moon. Thank you so so much. Keep up the standard" 

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"Im happy about the photos thanx. Appreciate it and thanx for the special offer." 

6 Jan 2023  |  Rachel D.  | 

"Thank you so much, its a very quick and easy to use service as long as you have your race no you are good to go, I got to download my pics in few minutes after payment , please guys keep up the good work, 😀 😊 ☺️ I truly appreciate you" 

9 Dec 2022  |  Hendrik N.  | 

"I did receive it and it already got a few likes on Instagram :) Great service! Keep it up!" 

2 Dec 2022  |  Shaen M.  | 

"I received the photos and I'm happy with them. The quality is great as expected and I'm able to use them on social media. Service is smooth and the photos were in my inbox within 15 minutes." 

25 Nov 2022  |  Mapaka B.  | 

"My Tom Jenkins photos were best captured. I wish i could purchase all of them. Thank you," 

20 Nov 2022  |  Christine V.  | 

"Once again, thank you so much. Our pictures are stunning and we are very grateful for the photographers that braved the weather and the rain!" 

14 Nov 2022  |  Delano C.  | 

"The Digital Photos were brilliant thank you so much. I was 100% satisfied with the quality of the photos and i definitely will be order more in future. The service was amazing I received the Photos shortly after payment was confirmed..I am thinking of getting them printed now Its very easy to understand and the process is so simple i had no issues when selecting my photos and purchasing them afterward" 

4 Nov 2022  |  Johann V.  | 

"Very impressed and satisfied." 

2 Nov 2022  |  Michelle P.  | 

"All pictures are in good order – an excellent service offered and very easy to use. Thanks once again" 

28 Oct 2022  |  James M.  | 

"Looking forward to buy more pictures from you guys" 

28 Oct 2022  |  Moses M.  | 

"You guys never disappoint with photos.,You are in a class of your own and always exited when you are advertised as photographers of the day.Quality-  Excellence and professionalism is what best describes you.Take a bow and thanks. " 

8 Oct 2022  |  Sakkie P.  | 

"Baie baie dankie die foto's is uiters PRAGTIG!!!" 

7 Oct 2022  |  John B.  | 

"I'm more than impressed by the quality and angles they were captured, thanks for the amazing service to you and the team.." 

23 Sep 2022  |  Mpho M.  | 

"Received my beautiful pics. Thank you" 

16 Sep 2022  |  Keagile K.  | 

"I have downloaded the pictures and I'm beyond happy with them. Thank you :)" 

2 Sep 2022  |  Themba N.  | 

"100% satisfied"

26 Aug 2022  |  Thabo L.  | 

"i managed to download the pics. you guys are doing a great job. I thank you from the bottom of my heart"

20 Aug 2022  |  Bongani M.

"I'm very impressed with the quality of the photos keep doing the same"

29 Jul 2022  |  Ntsako C.

"I received [the photos] in good order and thanks to your for capturing our memories in a great way."

20 May 2022  |  Nicola S.

"Professional and efficient service - very impressed!"

20 May 2022  |  Hloni M.

"Thank you so much, I was able to download them. They are just perfect !!"

8 Apr 2022  |  Patricia M.

"My photos were perfect because you guys never dissappoint. I so wish you could do every race in all provinces. I always get disappointed when I don't see you guys on a race. Keep up the good work"

5 Apr 2022  |  Bonginkosi N.8 Apr 2022  |  Meintjie J.

"Thank you soo much. Very happy with my photos. Thank you for also braving the rain and capture us while running!!"

"I'm so glad, I did receive my photos in good quality. You guys are the best. Thank you"

8 Apr 2022  |  Rajkumarie N.

"Absolutely satisfied. Thank you"

8 Apr 2022  |  Sibusiso N.

"I managed to download all the great quality photos and am satisfied with them. Thank you so much for the memorable photos that you and your teams on the ground always seek to capture. It would have been nice to have your team present as well at the Two Oceans Marathon next week."

8 Apr 2022  |  Chantel C.

"I did receive my digital photos and am very happy with them and your service. I have purchased many of your photos over the years, and am an exceptionally happy customer. Keep up the good work."

1 Apr 2022  |  Gugu N.

"I managed to download the photos, they look great. Thank you"

1 Apr 2022  |  Moshere R.

"I did receive the photos they are excellent. Thank you."

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"Thank you , I did receive the photos and I am happy with the quality of the images 😊 Thousand thank you’s"

1 Apr 2022  |  Moshere R.

"I did receive the photos they are excellent. Thank you."

1 Apr 2022  |  Grant B.

"Great photo's and service as always."

1 Apr 2022  |  Gugu N.

"I managed to download the photos, they look great. Thank you"

25 Mar 2022  |  Amanda D.

"Very happy with the photos. Everything about them was perfect and also very impressed with how quickly you got them up. Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing you guys at the next race."

25 Mar 2022  |  Emmaline V.

"It was brilliant! quick and easy to navigate do and the photos were delivered and downloaded really quickly and easily!!  thank you :) "

25 Mar 2022  |  Daniella M.

"The service is fabulous."

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"Pictures are of top quality and I received everything I ordered on time thank you."

25 Mar 2022  |  Susan V.

"All photos are perfect! Thank you so much!"

19 Mar 2022  |  Aziz L.

"The pics downloaded in like 5min they are fantastic thank you to the team😁 love the shots they got"

18 Mar 2022  |  Mogale D.

"Your pictures are supper 👌👌 And I'll like to order every month until I have the all, please don't detele the remaining pictures"

18 Mar 2022  |  Maijane M.

"I received the photos in order and thank you. Keep it up ladies and gentlemen"

18 Mar 2022  |  Dirk V.

"Received all in good quality!"

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"The service is excellent thank you and I’m 100% satisfied with my photos."

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"I have received the photos, thank you very much! 😊😊😊😊😊"

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"Thank you I am 100% satisfied

25 Feb 2022  |  Norman M.

"I'm satisfied with the photos 100% they are nice and clear 👌 Thanks so much"

25 Feb 2022  |  Tanya V.

"I love them 😊"

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"All well received, thank you for the excellent service !"

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"I did receive my photos and all good quality, thank you very much."

3 Feb 2022  |  Makhosana Hamilton D.

"Thank you I am more than happy with quality and everything."

14 Jan 2022  |  Linda K.

"Thanks, I managed to download the photos very easily. The quality of the photos are awesome!" 

1 Jan 2022  |  Sibusiso V.

"I have received the photos and they look great. Thank you so much." 

24 Dec 2021  |  Steven M.

"I did receive my foto and I must say I am very happy with this nice quality pics that keep the memories of the event. Keep up the good work" 

24 Dec 2021  |  Lucky K.

"Excellent customer service. Thank you so much" 

17 Dec 2021  |  Julius H.

"I did manage to download the photos and the level of image quality is world class" 

17 Dec 2021  |  Jennifer M.

"I was able to download my photos. The whole process is super quick and easy, which is awesome! Thank you for checking in." 

17 Dec 2021  |  Magda V.

"Im 100% happy with all my photos. Thank you very much." 

3 Dec 2021  |  Siviwe S.

"I received the photos in great order, the quality was superb… thanks 😊 " 

3 Dec 2021  |  Marupeng R.

"I'm always happy when I see the Smacpix boards because I know I'll get a photo of myself and in the best quality. With Smacpix I always get more than one photo, which I absolutely love. With other photographers, I'm lucky to find one (Kaapsehoop, I didn't even get one). I am very satisfied with the shots and the quality of the photos." 

3 Dec 2021  |  Loritta K.

"Got the photos and very happy. Thank you" 

3 Dec 2021  |  Batsile A.

"Please note I was more than satisfied with the pictures" 

29 Oct 2021  |  Paseka N.

"The quality is great and I'm proud of those photos..job well done." 

29 Oct 2021  |  Mmeselane R.

"They are very quality ones hey. Thanks so." 

29 Oct 2021  |  Ben M.

"I received all of the photos and very happy 😊" 

8 Oct 2021  |  Alex G.

"I received them in good order. The photos are fantastic!!" 

29 Oct 2021  |  Marike J.

"I have received my photos! Thank you so much for helping me so fast. I was not even sure if I would be able to get any photos so long after the event! I really appreciate it!" 

8 Oct 2021  |  Nicole V.

"Received and great quality, thank you." 

8 Oct 2021  |  Christo H.

"Pictures received in good order. Thanks again to you and your team for being there at the event and keeping us smiling too." 

8 Oct 2021  |  Estelle W.

"I received and downloaded the photos without any problems. Your photos and service are top notch!" 

2 Oct 2021  |  Taurai M.

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"Got the photos and they were perfect, very happy. Thanks!!" 

1 Oct 2021  |  Nokuthula K.

"All good thank you. Great to have "race" pic after such a long time." 

1 Oct 2021  |  Geoffrey A.

"The quality is good as I have known it for years. Thank you for capturing the good moments." 

3 Sep 2021  |  Siyaya K.

"I did get my photos and they are looking good too." 

3 Sep 2021  |  Angelique L.

"The process was easy and effortless no to mention the excellent photo quality. Many Thanks" 

22 Aug 2021  |  Jan K.

"Het dit ontvang. Baie mooi fotos. Bly ons kon dit kry aangesien niemand hulle kinders om die baan mag ondersteun nie. Sien uit na nog meer goeie fotos vokgende week by CGA Kampioenskappe. Onthou my seun se nommer en neem baie mooi fotos, ons sal julle bly ondersteun........ Wag vir die komende fotos" 

20 Aug 2021  |  Rowan E.

"I was able to download the pictures and subsequently I had them printed. They turned out very nicely in soft and hard copy. The photos were of an excellent quality and I am very satisfied. Thank you for your follow up and good service." 

13 Aug 2021  |  Tsholofelo N.

"I was able to download the picture with ease and they were quality. Thank you for the speedy response much much appreciated." 

6 Aug 2021  |  Jacqui D.

"Yes thank you! They were perfect" 

11 Jul 2021  |  Khayalethu H.

"Thank you very much, I have received and downloaded the photos and I'm happy ❤️" 

2 Jul 2021  |  Antony A.

"All good, thanks" 

25 Jun 2021  |  René D.

"Thank you. Photos received and I love them😃 Satisfied customer!!" 

18 Jun 2021  |  Wayne M.

"Thank you for the follow up, I dig great service! The pics are amazing, thank you. They were delivered within the timeframes promised during the purchase process. Thank you again and keep up the great work." 

18 Jun 2021  |  Ena D.

"Thank you – I was really impressed with the speed and efficiency, as well as the affordability." 

18 Jun 2021  |  Diphelelo M.

"I downloaded the photos. They are beautiful. I love them. Thank you." 

18 Jun 2021  |  Natalie M.

"All was in order and the photos were fantastic! Thank you." 

11 Jun 2021  |  Ilse M.

"I think SmacPix is just AWESOME !!!!!!" 

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"Thank u for your email, the quality of your work is excellent and I am very satisfied. Will definitely order photos from you again." 

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"The service was really efficient. I have no compliant re the service or the photo quality. It was a painless process and was done within minutes no wait time really." 

5 Jun 2021  |  Beatrice L.

"The photos were perfect, thank you." 

4 Jun 2021  |  Sammy S.

"I'm very happy with the quality of pictures I've received.....happy client Many thanks" 

4 Jun 2021  |  Lihle N.

"I managed to download them and they are so lovely and I used 1 for the Wally Hayward marathon competition and I won all thanks to you guys" 

4 Jun 2021  |  Nicolette O.

"Great service, quick and easy ordering!" 

4 Jun 2021  |  Wayne S.

"I have downloaded the photos. Happy with them. They look good." 

4 Jun 2021  |  Joseph T.

"Overall great service, thank you." 

28 May 2021  |  Tricia W.

"The ordering process was quick and easy and my photos were delivered within 5 mins. Excellent experience." 

28 May 2021  |  Dirk V.

"Thanks, I did receive the pictures and was very happy with the quality and how easy its was to order. Please continue with the good work!" 

28 May 2021  |  Bongiwe N.

"Thank you, I managed to download the pics. They are beautiful." 

28 May 2021  |  Johannes G.

"Thanks, I did receive the photos. And I'm very happy with the service and quality." 

28 May 2021  |  Rozel P.

"Thank you very much, all received and very happy with them😊" 

28 May 2021  |  Lebohang S.

"Thanks. Great pictures." 

27 May 2021  |  Antoinette H.

"Thank you, I received my digital images from SMacPix. They are excellent, and were available for download very quickly. Very happy with the service." 

21 May 2021  |  Jacqueline V.

"I have downloaded the Images and they are great." 

19 May 2021  |  Charles S.

"I did receive my photos in good and perfect order. Keep up the good work." 

21 May 2021  |  Jacqueline V.

"I have downloaded the Images and they are great." 

14 May 2021  |  Justin H.

"I was able to download the photos and very happy with the quality." 

8 May 2021  |  Malegase M.

"ooh yes I did receive my beautiful pictures, thank you so much for taking care of us during the races" 

7 May 2021  |  Shane R.

"Photos were well received, easy to download and of a high quality. Thanks so much!" 

7 May 2021  |  Lindsay S.

"All sorted and received. Thank you so much" 

7 May 2021  |  Jacques L L.

"All downloaded and very happy with the product and your service Thanks for checking in" 

30 Apr 2021  |  Stephen E.

"The photos are great, we are very happy with them. The quality is great, the turn around time is super quick and the whole process to order the prints was painless and easy. All in all a great service, thank you!" 

30 Apr 2021  |  Bronwynne W.

"Easy peasy. Downloaded. Happy 😊 Thanks!" 

29 Apr 2021  |  Taryn S.

"I downloaded my photos and they are wonderful!! Thank you kindly!" 

23 Apr 2021  |  Erwin S.

"Thank you! Always happy with the quality from SMacPix :-)" 

16 Apr 2021  |  Annelise B.

"I received my photos within minutes or ordering them and I am very happy with them." 

16 Apr 2021  |  Eddie T.

"Thank you, photos received... Your system is perfect and easy to use." 

16 Apr 2021  |  Azelle G.

"I received the photos - all in good order! I'm very happy with the quick & professional service." 

9 Apr 2021  |  Marlize V.

"I love the efficiency of your platform, it’s easy to use and got the photos immediately. Thank you for an incredible site!" 

9 Apr 2021  |  Marupeng R.

"The photos are stunning as always. The quality is amazing. Thank you" 

9 Apr 2021  |  Tania V.

"Thank you, I am happy with everything J" 

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"The process was really quick and easy and the quality of the photos is great. Overall I'm really happy with the whole process - thank you!" 

10 Mar 2021  |  Kavita C.

"I’m highly satisfied with the pictures that are brilliantly captured by SMacPix. Yes I’ve received all of them in perfect order." 

8 Mar 2021  |  Kurt G.

"I am very happy with the pictures and the quality of the photos. Keep up the good work," 

8 Mar 2021  |  Gary K.

"Very happy with the photos and the quality. Service was quick and easy, thank you." 

5 Mar 2021  |  Lucky M.

"I did receive the pics and the download was problem-free. You guys are the best!" 

5 Mar 2021  |  Shujit R.

"Thanks downloaded all perfectly and quality is great" 

5 Mar 2021  |  Nivea S.

"The photos are great thankyou and the service is 👌" 

5 Mar 2021  |  Gail E.

"All received quickly and easily. You guys are amazing and offer a fantastic service, thank you ." 

5 Mar 2021  |  Cleopas H.

"Thank you so much i managed to get all of the photos, you guys are marvelous we appreciate so services so much" 

1 Mar 2021  |  Yvonne V.

"Loved the photos, and the service was great! Thank you! 

28 Feb 2021  |  Raymond W.

"Thank you, 100% satisfied, ran it twice, got all the photos." 

26 Feb 2021  |  Lee A.

"Very happy with the photos and impressed with the quality of the whole digital/online experience. Many thanks" 

26 Feb 2021  |  Tarryn L.

"I managed to download all the photos I requested and I’m happy with the quality. I loved the efficiency and speed at which the photos were available, some of these events you have to wait a while and then forget completely. Keep up the good work 👍🏻" 

26 Feb 2021  |  Nobotwe M.

"I received all my photos in good order. Thank you for the speedy service!" 

26 Feb 2021  |  Nobotwe M.

"I received all my photos in good order. Thank you for the speedy service!" 

26 Feb 2021  |  Matthew G.

"The photos came through perfect." 

26 Feb 2021  |  Kevin M.

"I managed to download my pictures quick and easy. I’m very happy with them." 

26 Feb 2021  |  Wellington S.

"The download was seamless, thank you." 

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"You work always impresses me," 

22 Feb 2021  |  Leigh L.

"Thank you – all photos downloaded perfectly 😊" 

19 Feb 2021  |  Jayde F.

"Thanks so much, all was in order with my pics and we were able to download them with no hassles! 😁" 

19 Feb 2021  |  Ashleigh M.

"Fantastic quality" 

19 Feb 2021  |  Iaan V.

"Excellent service and quality. Thanks" 

19 Feb 2021  |  Yassien K.

"The pics were amazing as always. Thanks!" 

19 Feb 2021  |  Armand F.

"Thanks all good and received! :)" 

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"All cool. Happy with the pics. Thank you." 

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"The photos were awesome" 

5 Feb 2021  |  Bertha M.

"The photos are perfect.I am very impressed with the photo quality and level of service.Very quick and efficient." 

9 Jan 2021  |  Cecilia B.

"Thank you! Wonderful images of a fun event!" 

18 Dec 2020  |  Byron K.

"All received in good order. Photos look great. Thank you."

18 Dec 2020  |  Lesley H.

"Thanks everything worked perfectly."

18 Dec 2020  |  Kevin B.

"All good thanks. Very happy."

11 Dec 2020  |  Noligwa M.

"Received in good great best condition, you're the stars, thanx"

11 Dec 2020  |  Skhumbuzo L.

"I'm very much happy with the pictures quality it is of a hi level,"

11 Dec 2020  |  Amanda V.

"I received the photos and are happy with your service. Thank you so much."

11 Dec 2020  |  Brighton G.

"Thanks. I got my nice pics 😊😊😊😊."

27 Nov 2020  |  Jonathan C.

"I am super satisfied. 10mins and I received my download link. Thank you" 

27 Nov 2020  |  Yonita M.

"I managed to download the photos and all was perfect. Thanks for the great service and for your professionalism." 

27 Nov 2020  |  Charlene B.

"Thank you I received my digital photos and I am very satisfied. Thanks for having photographers on race day it was great seeing them on route capturing all the runners." 

27 Nov 2020  |  Bongiwe N.

"Thank you....I have downloaded the photos. I am very happy with the quality." 

27 Nov 2020  |  Ryan E.

"Photos were great thanks" 

22 Nov 2020  |  Carola V.

"Thank you, I did manage to download all our pictures, it is now our proud profile pic’s" 

20 Nov 2020  |  Mark K.

"Perfect. No issues at all. Great solution." 

20 Nov 2020  |  Belinda M.

"I received the photos and am happy with them! Thanks for the wonderful service." 

20 Nov 2020  |  Ruth T.

"I have no complaints all went smoothly :) Thanks a lot" 

13 Nov 2020  |  Raymond R.

"I'm 100% satisfied, no complaints whatsoever and the photo quality is very impressive." 

13 Nov 2020  |  James W.

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21 Aug 2020  |  George F.

"Thank you for following up. I successfully (and easily) downloaded the purchased photos."

3 Jul 2020  |  Anga T.

"The images were downloaded smoothly and the quality is of very high standard. I will ensure not to miss out in future from purchasing race photos from your organization. Many thanks." 

3 Jul 2020  |  Koena M.

"I have managed to download those photos, and they are ALL great. I am quite happy about the quality of them ALL." 

26 Jun 2020  |  Nomazwe Sithandwa S.

"Thanks, the service was excellent and the pictures were awesome and on point...., different points in the race....., thank you and God bless you" 

25 May 2020  |  Andrew L.

"Yes I received my photographs and all is in order thanks. I seem to recall it being a fairly easy and seamless process. Thanks very much for following up."

17 May 2020  |  0lebogeng K.

"I got them, all in order. Thanks again for your efficiency. " 

15 May 2020  |  Tshepo M.

"I've downloaded them & they're perfect and affordable thank you. My wish is to see you given the chance to do more and bigger events." 

24 Apr 2020  |  Steven M.

"I did get my photos and I must say I am impressed as I am able to change my whatsapp status and profile time an again using all the photos. Even some of my fellow athletes likes them and hopefully they will place some orders. I also wonna appreciate your business procedures and policy of making a follow up on your customer, it really means a lot and further shows how much you care about your clients" 

17 Apr 2020  |  Philip K.

"I received the photo’s in good order & the quality & level of service was wonderful." 

17 Apr 2020  |  Bulisiwe H.

"Thank you so much, yes I did received photos I am downloading a bit by bit because of my phone it says no space ,I AM VERY HAPPY, THANKS TO FACEBOOK. Was gonna miss this big big sale.Thanks again, now I on  AM going to order all my pics for future races" 

17 Apr 2020  |  Zodwa R.

"Yes I did receive the photos. They are all 100% perfect. Love them. Thank you so much" 

17 Apr 2020  |  Donald S.

"I got the photos and they are beautiful. Thanks " 

3 Apr 2020  |  Len W.

"I downloaded and saved all the photos to my document folder successfully and have viewed the photos with my family. Thank you" 

28 Mar 2020  |  Steven M.

"I am happy with the photos, excellent quality as well."

23 Mar 2020  |  Ncumisa M.

"Thank you so much, yes I did receive the photos in good condition I am happy with your service." 

20 Mar 2020  |  Brenda D.

"Thank you, the photographs were great and the level of service was great. The process and the communication to receive the photographs was quick and easy, I definitely have no complaints." 

20 Mar 2020  |  Daniel D.

"Photos were delivered quickly and efficiently and quality was excellent. Overall a great experience especially with Zapper as a payment option. Thank you" 

20 Mar 2020  |  Monique C.

"I did receive the photos and was very happy with the quality." 

17 Mar 2020  |  Skhumbuzo L.

"I'm very pleased with my photos captured they are very beautiful and thank you very much to the camera guys that doing a splendid job."

16 Mar 2020  |  Esme C.

"Thank you very much – photos were received in a record time and in good condition. I am 100% satisfied!" 

15 Mar 2020  |  Katlego P.

"I've received all the pictures I have ordered and in good quality too. Thanks to you and your colleagues for the service. " 

13 Mar 2020  |  Pamela M.

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13 Mar 2020  |  Liza M.

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"Thank you so Much. Superb Photo Quality. Very Impressed."

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6 Mar 2020  |  Rose M.

"I am very happy with my photos. You are doing an amazing job and I know other runners appreciate your service greatly. We look forward to our photos everytime we run. Thank you and keep up the good work."

6 Mar 2020  |  Vusi S.

"Thank you I got the photos and I'm happy with them, Ouh I almost forgot the quality it is tops "thumbs up"..."

6 Mar 2020  |  Siphamandla N.

"Received all photos ordered in perfect condition. Greatly appreciated :D"

6 Mar 2020  |  Johny P.

"Received the photos and we are very happy with the quality and the ordering process. Keep on doing a great job!"

6 Mar 2020  |  Riaan B.

"Photo selection were easy, order could be placed and was processed quickly and photos downloaded as per my expectations. All in all, I’m happy with the photos received."

28 Feb 2020  |  Tshepho M.

"All was well received thank you and the quality is awesome no pixels were sacrificed. Thank you and looking forward to many more memories with you" 

28 Feb 2020  |  Dineo M.

"I adore my picture... It's the 1st time in many years since I started downloading running pictures from races. Thank you so much" 

28 Feb 2020  |  Bradley N.

"Thank you very much, I did receive the photos in good order. I like the marking at the bottom of every photo, stating what race you were running. It is a special touch." 

28 Feb 2020  |  Jovan D.

"Downloaded with no problems, service is fast and has been reliable both time that I have used it. Thanks for following up." 

27 Feb 2020  |  Karen H.

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"Photos received in good condition. Print looks it will last a lifetime"

21 Feb 2020  |  Xolani M.

"I received the photos in good order and I am happy. Thank you for excellent customer service."

15 Feb 2020  |  Dean D.

"I received the photos ordered in 3 days after being notified they had been dispatched. The photos were excellent, well packaged and Fastway were on time as promised. As I have had poor quality prints from other companies in the past with SMacpix and the service offered, a winning combination. Looking forward to ordering my next set of race photos. WELL DONE!!"

15 Feb 2020  |  Tebogo M.

"I have managed to download all digital photos containing my likeness, it was effortless and to my satisfaction. I would like to thank you all for the continuous high quality work, it is highly appreciated."

13 Feb 2020  |  Zamani N.

"Thank you very much for the photos and your follow up. Yes, I did receive the photos and I am so impressed by the quality. Thank you very much." 

13 Feb 2020  |  Rene S.

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6 Feb 2020  |  Jabu T.

"Thanks a million times to the team I got my parcel photos are so nice thanks again God bless you all"

5 Feb 2020  |  Innocent M.

"All the photos were in good order and of good quality. The photos are affordable please extend your services to more races. Thank you" 

5 Feb 2020  |  Bosman S.

"Everything good, thx. Ordering, turnaround time after payment, quality, etc. Happy with the service" 

4 Feb 2020  |  Gregory M.

"I managed to download the photos and they are good quality. I have put one on my whatsapp status and am getting great comments." 

3 Feb 2020  |  Geoffrey A.

"I managed and thank you very much for your follow up. One doesn’t get such good aftercare service these days. You are a star. Keep it up. 

3 Feb 2020  |  Clinton V.

"Thank you – love how slick and quick your system is. Well done!" 

3 Feb 2020  |  Petro V.

"Ek het gekry baie dankie ☺ Dit werk vining en ek is baie happy met die stelsel en ons fotos! Dankie vir julle!" 

3 Feb 2020  |  Yolande E.

"Thanks I did received my photo’s in excellent condition very quick delivery also, I am very happy. ☺" 

29 Jan 2020  |  Nkululeko N.

"Thank you very much for your services, I'm pleased to say I have no complaints about my orders and the response time was amazing I couldn't believe it. Thank you very much, you just sealed my satisfaction with the whole event, I appreciated everything." 

29 Jan 2020  |  Rirhandzu M.

"Thank you so much, I received my photos in good order. I truly appreciate this follow up, it really means a lot." 

28 Jan 2020  |  Kabo K.

"I did receive my pics, they look great & even have some of my friends showing interest in coming with me to races in future... It was my first time using your services & I must say, I loved the quality, its amazing, swift response as well, really impressive." 

28 Jan 2020  |  Mbali D.

"I managed to download the photos. The quality is exceptional. Thank you very much for taking the time to come to the races and capture our memories. It is much appreciated." 

28 Jan 2020  |  Johan V.

"We are 110% satisfied with the photo quality as well as the price!" 

28 Jan 2020  |  Langelihle M.

"I am sorted, no complaints everything is not less than 💯% . Especially your pricing is way better than your competitors. Thanks" 

27 Jan 2020  |  Sibusiso K.

"Yes, I was able to download the photos I selected and I am VERY satisfied with the quality and level of service you guys provide. I really love the way you guys were able to capture these moments especially on the rainy day, this is brilliant." 

28 Jan 2020  |  Nogate N.

"i managed to download all my photos with no hassle. Thank you for capturing our moments!! I really appreciate the quality and affordability ." 

28 Jan 2020  |  Ovidiu A.

"I confirm that I managed to download successfully the pictures. The quality and your service level is very good. Thank you"

27 Jan 2020  |  Bongekile M.

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27 Jan 2020  |  Mapaka B.

"Thank you everything. I am happy" 

23 Jan 2020  |  Nonhlanhla K.

"Yes I did manage , they are beautiful. Thank you" 

22 Jan 2020  |  Estelle J.

"They were perfect thank you!!!" 

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20 Jan 2020  |  Alize L.

"100% satisfied, many thanks!!"

20 Jan 2020  |  Stu R.

"I did receive my photos and am very happy."

19 Jan 2020  |  Kgolagano M.

"I must admin I am really happy with what I got both the pictures and the service (Delivery). Clear and visible in communication and it’s really pleasing. I am happy with the services and the products and overall thank you for checking up and going the extra mile."

14 Jan 2020  |  Fortunate M.

"I am extremely happy with the quality of your work, much appreciated." 

11 Jan 2020  |  Lucky M.

"Everything from purchase to download was easy. You guys are the best. And affordable! I look forward to seeing your photo crew cover more races this year." 

9 Jan 2020  |  Mankwane M.

"Thank you for your email. I had manage to download the pics and really happy with the photos and service . Kudos" 

8 Jan 2020  |  Francois H.

"I have rec’d in good order and much quicker than I anticipated. Grateful for the job you guys do during our races. Thanks to all the photographers – much appreciated." 

6 Jan 2020  |  Steely R.

"Received, all good, quality and speed, very impressed at the speed and quality of your service. Thank you" 

16 Dec 2019  |  Tatenda M.

"Indeed it was as expected. You guys rock and very timeous. Thank you" 

2 Dec 2019  |  Belinda M.

"I was very happy with the photos (delivered very quickly and great quality pics) and also the online assistance when I had a few questions... Thank you." 

29 Nov 2019  |  Janie L.

"I did and WOW! The quality of the pictures are amazing!!! Well done and thank you very much"

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"I managed to download the photos. The photos are all awesome!! You guys were a game changer because your photos are much affordable compared to the other guys who were monopolising this business and selling ridiculously expensive photos to such an extend that one could just buy 1 or 2 race photos. With you guys your photos are great and one can manage to buy most of the photos that they want.. Keep it up!!" 

26 Nov 2019  |  Karl B.

"Got the photos and they look really awesome, thanks!!!!" 

26 Nov 2019  |  James T.

"I managed to download my photos. And I am very happy with all of them" 

26 Nov 2019  |  Karl B.

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"Thank you all is perfect thanks very much" 

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"I have received my photos all good thanks they have been framed and mounted in my bar area at home thanks." 

19 Nov 2019  |  Sehume M.

"Indeed I received all the pics I ordered. The quality was way better than others I received at other events. I won’t bat an eyelid to recommend your services. Please pass my thanks and gratitude to your diligent team of photographers."

19 Nov 2019  |  Christa G.

"I am satisfied and very impressed with the easy process and quick availability of the photos for download after payment. See you at the next race!. Thank you."

16 Nov 2019  |  David K.

"I did receive my photos they are so good and high quality. Will be ordering some more photos of various races"

16 Nov 2019  |  Koos H.

"Photos were well received and of super high quality, thanks. Your service is commendable." 

14 Nov 2019  |  Sifiso M.

"Yes I did get the photos and I love them :) Thank you so much and thanks for the follow up!"

12 Nov 2019  |  Tony T.

"Super service and excellent quality - thank you...!" 

12 Nov 2019  |  Marcus M.

"I did manage to receive the pictures and they are of great quality." 

11 Nov 2019  |  Mareli S.

"I was so impressed with how easy and fast the ordering and downloading of the photos were! I just love them! Thank you very much for your wonderful service and photos! Much appreciated!" 

21 Oct 2019  |  Lucky K.

"Thank you for the top notch service"

17 Oct 2019  |  Heidi M.

"THANK YOU. I'M loving your 20% bulk discount, your photos and ease of use. I downloaded them yesterday but will only get a gap to look at them over the weekend but I'm quite a fan of you guys being at races and so cost effective!" 

17 Oct 2019  |  Lance G.

"All good. In fact it was a great (easy, user friendly and efficient) experience from beginning to end. The pics were received promptly and in good order. (And I think they are really lekka pics as well). Appreciated." 

12 Oct 2019  |  Princy R.

"I am inordinately impressed with the quality of your service. Convenience and immediacy are central to customer satisfaction, yet are rarely delivered. But with you it was a complete antipathy of that and I am satisfied beyond measure. Please don't drop the standard. I am also so impressed with the timing of camerapeople. These action photos were captured excellently with unquestionable quality, which makes them perfect mementos of the race. Hope to see u at the next race I will partake in."

9 Oct 2019  |  Vuyolwethu D.

"They’re perfect thank you"

8 Oct 2019  |  Themba M.

"I have manage to download the wonderful photos and I’m very satisfied with the quality of your photos. Looking forward to seeing your cameras in the next running event." 

7 Oct 2019  |  Charl W.

"Thank you very much I am 100% happy" 

7 Oct 2019  |  Monique B.

"Thanks I received the pics and am very happy. High quality photo’s, thanks a lot!" 

3 Oct 2019  |  Phineas S.

"Thanks very much I did receive them and they are really nice"

2 Oct 2019  |  Erin C.

"Thank you for your email. I received the photos within 10 minutes of purchase! Good quality photos at a good price." 

1 Oct 2019  |  Alysha J.

"Wonderful service thank you"

1 Oct 2019  |  Denis D.

"I got the photos and they're really great! I've never had an issue with SMacPix. It's always easy finding the pics and paying, and the quality is a lot better the lot that did the FNB race."

1 Oct 2019  |  Christine B.

"Thank you - I did receive it – they are perfect!! Thank you so mush for this service at affordable prices!!! Looking forward to next races with your photographers"

30 Sep 2019  |  Joseph M.

"Yes I managed to download. Many thanks for such beautiful photos. You guys rock"

26 Sep 2019  |  Neil S.

"I have been making use of SMacPix for quite a while now, and I cannot explain how impressed I am. You guys are amazing, with a extremely quick turnaround time. Thanks for capturing my moments, and helping me relive them all! You guys are absolutely amazing!!"

23 Sep 2019  |  Peter C.

"Many thanks for your mail! … Yes, everything was well received -- thank you!! In fact I was very impressed by the speed in which the print was delivered -- if I recall, it was within 24-hours. This was the first time I’ve purchased from SMacPix but my sister (and her husband) have used your services on multiple occasions and have always been extremely happy and impressed -- now I understand why!"

23 Sep 2019  |  Lizanne D.

"Thank you I received the photos in good order and am 100% satisfied." 

22 Sep 2019  |  Natascha V.

"I did manage to download my photos and the quality is really good Thank you :-) Also, thank you for getting them up and available so quick, really was impressed by your time from race to upload." 

21 Sep 2019  |  Nadeem D.

"Pics were high quality and were delivered really quickly after I ordered them." 

17 Sep 2019  |  Busi G.

"I have to say I was seriously impressed by your service and how smooth and efficient the whole process was. Thank you for my fantastic photos! I’ll definitely be using your service again." 

17 Sep 2019  |  Chiovonne F.

"Oh my goodness they are just GORGEOUS!!! Thank you sooooo much!! One of the few times I ordered running photos where I didn't look like a hippo. Hehehe..." 

17 Sep 2019  |  Matty T.

"Thank you I did received the photos and quality is great. I am the biggest fan of SMacPix and keep on taking beautiful photos and excellent service..." 

17 Sep 2019  |  Samantha C.

"Such awesome customer service to be checking in. Yes, received. Thank you. Pictures are great and quality is excellent. Thank you again." 

17 Sep 2019  |  Ann G.

"Received. Thank the photographers." 

17 Sep 2019  |  Ntshepiseng S.

"I am very happy with the photos. I was able to download them without any problem. It was easy and quick. Thank you very much." 

16 Sep 2019  |  Thandi M.

"It was effortless and the pics are amazing." 

11 Sep 2019  |  Cheri B.

"I did receive them quicker than expected. Thank you. I'm very happy with the service and quality" 

10 Sep 2019  |  Lorette N.

"Thank you I did receive the photos. Excellent service." 

9 Sep 2019  |  John E.

"Thank you for the photo's. I appreciate the quick turnaround time and effortless ordering and paying. These memories will definitely be hanging on my wall for a long time. Thanks for the great service and follow up." 

9 Sep 2019  |  Werner B.

"Thanks. Brilliant process as always." 

6 Sep 2019  |  Maria M.

"I received the photos. Thank you. Happy customer" 

6 Sep 2019  |  Phaswane T.

"I received them in good order and do appreciate your service. I am happy about them, they are excellent." 

5 Sep 2019  |  Linda C. 

"Thank you I did receive my photos and I am very happy with the quality of them. In fact I was also very impressed with your efficiency, I ordered them Sunday lunchtime and my parcel was already delivered to me by Tuesday lunchtime. I will definitely not hesitate to order again." 

4 Sep 2019  |  Mokhantsho (mk) K. 

"Your system is the best. Everything was easy. Your service is excellent. I also like the fact that photos were made available the very same day of the event. This is very helpful to use who like to post on social media. Keep up the good work." 

4 Sep 2019  |  Phindile M. 

"Impressive and affordable service" 

3 Sep 2019  |  Tumisang M. 

"I have received the photos and they are very good. Thank you for capturing such great memories for us. See you and team at the next race 😊"

02 Sept 2019 | Mokakatla  M.

So far I can confirm and relate with current feedbacks, keep doing what you do best and I can guarantee you as a dedicated runner your balance of service offerings doesn't go unnoticed. Simple price and quality. 👏 

29 Aug 2019  |  Philip B. 

"Was besonders beïndruk met die hele aankoop proses en die kwaliteit van die gedrukte fotos!! Baie dankie!"

29 Aug 2019  |  Lorinda P. 

"Thank you, I received my photo’s. I am very happy with them and will definitely order again from you."

26 Aug 2019  |  Ditshego L. 

"I received my photos, thank you very much. I am really impressed with the quality and level of service you have provided. I'm definitely going to smile every time I pass the camera so that I can have the best photos to order." 

20 Aug 2019  |  Marianne S. 

"Many thanks for your message. I received my order within 10 minutes and everything went smoothly. Very efficient! I was impressed about the speed and quality of the pictures." 

20 Aug 2019  |  Meryl D. 

"I got my photos and I'm very happy with them, thank you! The download was quick and easy, so thank you for the great service." 

20 Aug 2019  |  Shannon V. 

"Thank you for your email. I got the photos in a matter of minutes, very quick and painless, thank you so much!" 

20 Aug 2019  |  Brett D. 

"Thank you for the lovely photos." 

16 Aug 2019  |  Delano P. 

"Excellent quality and service. Hope to see you soon at some of the major events like, Two Oceans and 94.7 Cycle races :) "

16 Aug 2019  |  Lavinia M. 

"We received the photos in good order and were very impressed with the service. Many thanks" 

15 Aug 2019  |  James J. 

"Got all my photos, thanks! Impressed with the speed at which the photos were online - that was a treat to find in my inbox the day after the race! Selection and payment process was also quick and painless - and the photo quality was brilliant! Shoutout to the photographers that got some great action shots" 

15 Aug 2019  |  Joan E. 

"Got my pictures so quick and easy! Thank you so much!" 

15 Aug 2019  |  Tshepo B. 

"Thanks for following up. I must add that this is not usual, nice touch. Indeed I received my photos in good order." 

14 Aug 2019  |  James B. 

"I did download my photos. The service you deliver is great. The quality is excellent. The prices of the photos are also good. A will always buy from you with the way you do it. Thank you very much." 

13 Aug 2019  |  Sean V. 

"Order received and a very happy customer thank you." 

13 Aug 2019  |  Gordon M. 

"I am excited to say that I was able to download my pictures. The quality is really amazing and thank you for capturing our moments on race day." 

13 Aug 2019  |  Nicole C. 

"I did receive the photos and it was a very pleasant experience from start to finish. Easy to search, pay and very quick turn around time. Thank you. I'll definitely be getting a few at each of the upcoming vitality run series events. The photos are all great quality also👍🏽" 

13 Aug 2019  |  Jacques L L. 

"Everything went well with the whole process: from ordering, through payment, receiving confirmation of the order status and downloading the photos. I am very happy with the final product too! Thank you for following up- that made the experience even more special" 

7 Aug 2019  |  Zakhele H. 

"Yes I was able to download. Your service is very good. I am happy with the efficiency so far."

7 Aug 2019  |  Rowena B. 

"Your service was fast and efficient! Thank you so much"

6 Aug 2019  |  Lynn D. 

"Awesome as always. Speedy delivery. Downloaded within 5 min max."

30 Jul 2019  |  Mpho M. 

"Yes I did manage to download the photos thank you so much, and yeah awesome pics. Looking forward to more races where you will be at." 

29 Jul 2019  |  Marten L. 

"yes I did receive my photos, they are beautiful. Thank you very much for asking." 

29 Jul 2019  |  Megan I. 

"Yes the photos that I received were in good order I am 100% satisfied J" 

29 Jul 2019  |  Craig D. 

"I'm beyond 100% satisfied. Great pics, great service. Thank you!" 

29 Jul 2019  |  Melissa S. 

"Thanks for the email. I did receive the photos. I am really impressed with the quality of the photos, and the speediness of getting to download them. :)" 

28 Jul 2019  |  Marissa M. 

"Thank you for excellent photos and service. Ordering online is user friendly and an enjoyable experience." 

27 Jul 2019  |  Amerije P. 

"The photos look great and the delivery service was excellent as well, very efficient and user friendly (ordering system). Thank you!" 

27 Jul 2019  |  Suzan S. 

"I did receive the photos. They look great. Thanks" 

26 Jul 2019  |  Lindeni S. 

"I am impressed with the quality of the photos no complains" 

26 Jul 2019  |  Esme V. 

"Thank you for the photos. I received them and they were in perfect order. The qualify of the photos and the efficient delivery is outstanding. Many thanks." 

25 Jul 2019  |  Eddie P. 

"Ek het my fotos binne drie dae gekry en in n baie goeie kondisie. Baie Dankie vir jou flinke diens." 

24 Jul 2019  |  Maria B. 

"Thank you, for your e-mail . I did receive the photos in perfect condition and added them to my collection. Your service is fast, convenient, and satisfying. How wonderful for us to have this company take pictures of our runs and help us keep the memories alive! I will be purchasing more photos in the future." 

23 Jul 2019  |  Thandiwe S. 

"I'm 100% satisfied" 

23 Jul 2019  |  Silvana D. 

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